ATM Depository

ATM Depository is our new service whereby customers can make cash deposit on their current account as well as withdrawal, at any time. This allows you to deposit your company’s daily turnover, to deposit cash in your personal current account, to withdraw cash or check your account balance. This service is offered free to customers of NLB Prishtina

The advantages:

You can deposit cash in your account at NLB Prishtina. The money will be credited into your account immediately, but will be available for use the following day. ATM deposit saves time by enabling you to avoid long queues at the counter. Services from ATM Deposit are available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

* Our ATMs accept euro denominations of EURO 10, 20, 50 and 100; and can accept a maximum of 50 notes.


Put your debit card at ATM slot
Select the service from the menu and follow the instructions on the ATM screen.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I deposit money on all my personal accounts using my debit card?

You make cash deposit only in your current account to which the debit card is connected to.

2. Can I deposit money in foreign currency in my current account at ATMs?

We do not accept foreign currency deposit at our ATMs. You can visit our nearest branch to exchange foreign currency into EUR, and then perform deposit transaction in ATM.

3. How do you allocate money deposited in multiple personal accounts?

You will need to deposit all the money in your current account and then perform transfer into individual accounts through E-Klik service or alternatively with the help of client adviser, initiate transfers to other accounts.

4. Do I have to divide denominations of money or ATM will do this for me?

There is no need to separate the money according to denomination, ATM performs the job himself. You can deposit notes with the value 10, 20, 50 and 100 EUR. Note: you can enter no more than 50 notes. This service is free of charge.

5. When will be available for use the money deposited in my account?

The amount of money is credited in your bank account at the same time when the transaction occurs, but the money is available for use on the next working day. Note: in case when the transaction was made on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, the money will be available on the following Monday, except when Monday is a public holiday, the money will be available on Tuesday.

6. What should I do if I don’t get issued an ATM receipt when making deposit transaction?

To review your current account activity, please contact us through customer service on 038 240 230 100 or via email at

7. Can I deposit coins in ATM?

You cannot deposit coins in ATM. Please do this in one of our branches.

8. Why ATM is not accepting all the money deposited?

ATM scans banknote images and compares those images with the image provided by the Central Bank of Kosovo. If a banknote is outdated, folded or if there are signs in it, its image will not match the image provided by the Central Bank of Kosovo, and these notes will be rejected.

9. How many banknotes can be deposited in a transaction?

In our ATM-in, you can deosit 50 notes in a single transaction. If you have more than 50 notes, please make several deposit transactions

June 11, 2015