Bankingu personal

Have you ever thought of your special treating from Personal Banker, saving your time, getting banking services done fast, simple and easy?

Personal Banking Offer:


Gold Account:

  • Limit your special account,
  • Report your personal account once a month, delivered to your personal e-mail.
  • Numerous benefits.

Cards that can possess:

  • Visa Electron.
  • Visa Classic – Debit; withdrawals through ATMs, and through POS payments, and the possibility of increasing the limit,
  • Visa Revolving Credit – credit card.

Super Warehouse

  • You have the possibility that your tools as deposit them with stimulating interest rates depend on the amount of resources and time limit.

Individual loans that can get them:

  • Fast processing and approval of small loans
  • Overdraft on the account,
  • Credit kesh,
  • Consumer loans,
  • Loans to business partners Gorenje,
  • Home loans BLND business partners,
  • Housing loans / renovation HLP,
  • Administrative expenses more affordable.