E-Klik is one of the newest and ultimate services, which enables the execution of multiple banking services from the comforts of any place where there is Internet access such as office, home etc.

E-klik service:

Taking into consideration that nowadays our time is limited due to daily obligations, E-Klik is the most efficient way to avoid daily visits and queues in the bank, and as it is emphasized above, a comprehensive range across the multiple products can be performed through having access in E-Klik service.

E-Klik enables (provides):

  • Access to your banking account, anytime and anywhere
  • Performing wide range of local, national and international transactions
  • Online payment of Utility bills free of charge
  • Extracting and printing all transactions that have already been performed
  • Applying ONLINE for credit
  • Verifying and paying your credit card’s debt


For detailed information or on how to apply for this product, please visit the nearest branch of NLB Prishtina.