Savings account

Are you in possession of cash that you don’t need it for a certain time?

NLB Prishtina offers you an easy and secure way of saving money, through saving products.

NLB Prishtina continuously promotes a culture of saving, because we believe that such a thing brings financial stability of our customers and their families.


Savings account is offered in Euro currency.

Various saving accounts allow you to save your money and also earn interest


Interest is calculated on a daily basis and it will be credited to the savings account at the end of each month.


We also offer you  standing  order service through which you will save certain amount of money that are being transferred automatically from your current account to the savings account, especially for you who receive salaries through our bank.

Information on opening the account:

  • Opening of a saving account is free of charge;
  • Access to your money on all units of the bank;
  • Savings Account is offered in Euro currency.