Children's Savings Account

Do you want a safe future for your children ?

Do you want to teach them, starting from early childhood, the shortest way to success?

NLB Prishtina has thought about you and has designed a Children’s savings account.

What are your child’s  benefits?

  • With the opening of the account, your child receives NLB savings box
  • Develops a culture of saving,
  • Learn about the bank since childhood,
  • Partnering with the bank since childhood, a partnership that will serve during the time of  schooling  and later,
  • Amounts deposited by parents and relatives, as well as earnings from interest rate will serve for a better future.

Required Documents:




Important information:

  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Identification document of a parent / guardian



  • Children’s savings account can be opened by a parent / guardian;
  • Account will be opened on behalf  of the child;
  • Parent/guardian of a child has all the rights and authorizations for the account
  • The interest rate is 0.50% annualy;
  • Interest amount is trasfered on a monthly basis in the savings account;

Deposits can be made through the teller, standing order, as well as through the NLB-click (E-banking)

The minimum value at the opening of the account is € 10, while other deposits can be made in any amount and time that is convenient for parents or other depositors.

The possibility of withdrawal from savings, as needed.