NLB Prishtina is a partner of your education!

NLB Prishtina and Riinvest College have co-operation agreement for Student loan.

Student loan

NLB Prishtina as a continuation of development of new products and services strategy is offering a new opportunity for new generations as carriers of economic and social life development.


NLB Prishtina and Riinvest College, for the first time in Kosovo have launched student loan product to finance studies in the Bachelor and Master degree.

Product’s features:

  • Target group: the students of Riinvest College
  • Loan term: up to 6 years
  • Grace period: up to 3 years
  • Free Interest rate
  • Provision free


Riinvest College will cover all the costs for student loan.


NLB Prishtina through this product is intending to support financing the studies of students and their families and to create opportunities for young people as an important category of our society.