VISA Classic Revolving 

Revolving Credit card which can be used home and abroad for payments at points of sale, or to withdraw cash from the ATM. Suffice to be paid a minimum of 5% of the total amount spent each month. You will get a certain credit limit which will be approved in advance by the NLB Prishtina for you, depending on your payment ability.

To whom is intended?




The main advantages:

For all those who need a safe way of payment, the possibility of subsequent repayment of debt and regular income receivers. This card can be used for payment at all points of sale in the country and abroad where the VISA logo is displayed.


  • Revolving credit card with international validity
  • Payment on all terminals in Euro currency home and abroad with 0% provision
  • Cash withdrawal from ATMs throughout the world where the Visa sign is posted
  • Monthly repayment of a minimum of 5% of the total liabilities
  • Up to 45 days grace period
  • Payment of liabilities through a standing order or NLB Klik
  • This card has chip technology

What to do in case of loss or theft of your card

You have to block your card immediately in order to protect it from possible abuses.

You can block your card immediately by calling 038240230100 every day from 08:00-24:00, or in person during business hours at each branch of NLB Prishtina.