Managing Board

Albert Lumezi
President of Management Board

Mr Lumezi’s career began in 1980 at the Bank of Ljubljana in Prishtina, Bank that operated until the start of the war in Kosovo. After the war, Mr Lumezi started working in ProCredit Bank Kosovo in the position of Director of Internal Audit Department. In 2005 moved to New Bank of Kosovo as a General Director. Since January 2008 Mr Lumezi is the President of Management Board of NLB Prishtina. During his career, Mr Lumezi has completed various specializations in finance and financial institutions in Ljubljana, Frankfurt, etc.

From 2005, Mr Lumezi is actively involved in the Kosovo Banking Association, holding a position of the Vice Chairman of the Board.

Bogdan Podlesnik
Member of Management Board
University of Ljubljana

Bogdan Podlesnik is born in 1961 in Ljubljana. He finished grammar school in Ljubljana. He graduated in Economic faculty in Ljubljana in 1986 and in  1997 he postgraduated from Finance and Banking area.

He works in NLB group over twenty years. He joined NLB d.d. in 1990 and all the time worked on high professional projects (restructuring proces of NLB, implementing budget, due diligences, issuing NLB banking group)

In the years 2003 – 2004 he was deputy CEO in Montenegrobank, Podgorica, in period 2006-2007 he was CEO of Hipotekarna banka Podgorica.

He joined NLB Prishtina in maj 2008 and since January 2010 he is Member of Management board responsible for finance and risk area (CFO, CRO).

He has also title of International master of chess and he played three times for Slovenian national team in Chess olimpiada.

Lavdim Koshutova
Member of Management Board
Middlesex University

Lavdim Koshutova was born on 16.06.1970 in Prishtina. Graduated from the Middlesex University in London with a BA in Economics and information technology, Mr Koshutova began banking career in Kosovo in 2000 with ProCredit Bank as Internal Auditor and later promoted to Branch Manager, Operations Division Manager and finally Treasury and Payment System Division Manager. In January 2005, Mr Koshutova moved to New Bank of Kosovo in the position of Deputy General Director. Since January 2008, he is member of the Management Board of NLB Prishtina.

Mr Koshutova is intensively involved in various banking activities and currently is a board member of the Kosovo Banking Association.